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If you need quality insulation installed in your property you need to contact Complete Insulation Service Inc. for help. For nearly a decade, our brand has been providing outstanding insulation services for customers in Tacoma, WA. During all that time, Complete Insulation Service Inc. has established a solid reputation as one of the best insulation companies in the area. If you notice any kind of weird issues with your facility or home, you should act promptly. Don’t waste time, postponing the necessary repair because the problem could get worse, forcing you to spend a great amount of money. When it comes to durable, quality and Eco-friendly insulations, as a responsible house or business owner, you shouldn’t hire just any insulation contractor or supplier to do the work. Hire Complete Insulation Service Inc., a reputable company that can take care of your issue fast and cost-efficiently and you will not regret your decision later on, compared to other insulation suppliers!

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I build top of the line quality fine houses with fiberglass and cellulose insulation, ranging from 1,000 sq ft. to 12,000 sq ft. I always get top of the line finished product from Complete Insulation Service Inc. on each of the homes I build.

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Cellulose Insulation

Wall Insulation.Complete Insulation Service Inc. specializes in cellulose sprayed insulation. It is sprayed in the cavities between walls and is shaved off later on to put sheet rock cover. Our method is also called a wet application and after the product dries, the cellulose does not shrink but fills each cavity to provide a high density, air tight insulation. The material can be easily installed in under-floors, mid-floors and attics as well. Facts about cellulose are designed to have fire retardant treatment, minimize air infiltration, mold/mildew resistant and won’t damage or corrode metals. Cellulose is non-toxic and environmental safe material. It is a green seal product usually made from recycled newspapers and card boxes. Rodents, insects and animals do not like cellulose. It’s a preferred choice for many insulation suppliers.

Fiberglass Insulation

Ceiling Insulation.The fiberglass insulation that Complete Insulation Service Inc. uses is a green material made mostly from recycled glass and sand. It usually lasts for the entire life of the home without losing its resists settling or insulating values or deteriorating over time, continuously saving energy and money. When the material is applied correctly, it limits air infiltration thus making it also fire-resistant.


Complete Insulation Service Inc. can blow fiberglass insulation or cellulose in attics for existing and new construction, and remodels. GreenGuard insulations for our clients are a must when considering what materials to use. This includes batt insulation, too.


Man cutting insulation material for building.One of the things that make our company unique is the wide variety of insulating methods that we use. On new construction project, sprayed in cellulose is a product that we excel. It is sprayed in the wall cavities and scrubbed off with a special stud scrubber to make it flush with the studs. Cellulose insulation is high in density and sound control, therefore it keeps the house quiet and warm. On the other hand fiberglass green batts are placed in the walls for regular insulation jobs. It is done very professionally and carefully, making it a tight fit to make the house comfy and nice. For existing walls that already have sheet rock, it is a retrofit job – the insulation is being blown in the wall cavities using a specialized equipment.

Under Floor

Under floor spaces are mostly insulated using fiberglass green batts. Complete Insulation Service Inc. can also install cap sheet for protection over the batts. Our employees will also can install additional cellulose insulation in the under floor cavities for extra density and warmth upon request.

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When you need a dependable insulation contractor, allow Complete Insulation Service Inc. to be on your side. Don’t let yourself be mislead by empty promises from other insulation companies that will only cost you money and time. Choose one of the leading insulation suppliers in the Tacoma, WA region! Let us provide excellent service at an affordable and highly-competitive price. Call Complete Insulation Service Inc. today to speak to a customer representative to schedule a convenient appointment for a consultation. Call us now at (253) 677-0967.

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